We're taking in trade-ins and donations during Thryft Book Fair* with no minimum number of books required, so come on down and give your old books a new home!

Here are some important things to take note before dropping your books off:

  1. Create a Thryft account here. We'll need this to send you your credits for your trade-in.

  2. Gather your books and ensure that they meet our minimum trade-in guidelines as listed above.

  3. Pack them into a carton box if possible. If not, you can pack them into a sturdy bag. Please pack your books securely to ensure that your books do not get lost.

  4. We'll be providing you with labels at the book fair — do make sure to fill it up legibly with your name, the email address tied to your Thryft account, the number of books that you are trading-in.

Please follow these instructions to ensure a smooth trade-in experience. Do also note that credits from trade-in will be processed and sent to your email within 14 working days after the event, so you will not be able to use your credits on the spot at the book fair.

You can donate your books instead of trading-in for credits too. Simply let us know at the booth, and we'll handle the rest. Thank you for contributing to our Books for Charity collection!

*Do note that due to the changing COVID-19 regulations, Thryft Book Fair might be held online. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept trade-ins or donations during our online book fairs. Head over here, or to our social media, to find out when and where our next book fair will be held.

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