As all our books are traded-in or donated by others, they might not always be in mint condition. Nevertheless, each book that we receive goes through a stringent inspection process, so rest assured that we only sell second-hand books that meet our quality assurance.

Our books are categorised into the following three conditions:

  • Very Good: This is a preloved book, but it is in pristine condition. There should be no yellowing, no foxing, and no writings of any kind on the pages. This book is good as new — lucky you!

  • Good: This book has been used, but it is still in a clean condition. There should be no brown spots, but do expect slight yellowing or some writings on the pages.

  • Well Read: We do our best to ensure the quality of our books, but there is no escaping the wear and tear that comes with time. Pages might be yellowing or largely annotated, with some foxing on the exterior of the book. This is a well-read book, but this also means that the previous owner probably really enjoyed it! This category also includes books that are heavily annotated but are otherwise in a clean condition without brown spots.

You can find the available condition(s) of each specific title on its individual product page.

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